Cyclist injured by faulty bike receives £75,000

My client was a keen cyclist who was injured as a result of a defective new bicycle that he had only just received as a birthday gift a few days before.

He suffered injury to his foot and lower leg when the chain on the bicycle he was riding suddenly snapped on only his second ride. He was subsequently diagnosed with cellulitis and complex regional pain syndrome which, as a result, left my client with limited mobility. He was unable to work for a significant period of time and suffered from serious financial difficulties due to a lack of income.

As a result of the accident, orthopaedic, psychologist and pain managements experts had to be instructed to report on the injuries sustained. The experts recommended an extensive treatment plan including physiotherapy and counselling. We ensured that this was arranged and funded by the Defendant.

We also ensured that the Defendant made interim payments to my client during the claims process to help with his reduced income due to his absence from work.

The Defendant argued that the Claimant’s injuries were not as bad as the experts had reported them as being and required Court proceedings to be commenced to determine this issue. However, following further negotiations, we were able to achieve a settlement of £75,000, ensuring that my client recovered his loss of earnings for 3 years in addition to the compensation for his pain and suffering and all out of pocket expenses.

Previous offers made by the Defendant had been as low as £25,000 and so it was important that legal representation was in place to make sure that proper medical evidence was procured so as to ensure that the full extent of the physiological and psychological injuries were reflected in the compensation alongside all associated financial losses, which including significant lost earnings.

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