Motor accident victim gets over £100,000 compensation

My client was injured in a road traffic accident when her car was crashed into by another driver who was failing to drive with due care.

Liability was admitted early on by the other driver’s insurer but there was a lot of complication caused by the fact that my client had previously been injured badly in a road traffic accident 4 years earlier.

Because of this, an initial medical opinion stated that the significant bowel problems that my client was suffering from could not be attributed to the latest accident as they had been caused by the first accident.

However, when combined with the dental, head and whiplash injuries, I found it hard to understand how the expert had refused to recognise any bowel symptoms whatsoever as being attributable to the latest accident, especially when my client had been violently thrown forward in this accident.

Therefore, a second expert opinion was obtained from a more experienced surgeon who examined my client. The second expert was adamant that a significant amount of exacerbation of the original bowel injury had been caused by the latest accident. It was this second expert’s opinion that the latest accident had made my client’s bowel injury significantly worse and that it would be 5-6 years from the accident date before my client would return to the condition that she was in prior to this latest accident.

With this expert evidence, I was able to ensure that we recovered proper compensation to reflect the true extent of the injuries to include 5-6 years worth of increased abdominal pains plus her loss of earnings for the entire median period of 5.5 years.

Without this legal expertise and attention to detail, my client could have potentially received much less in compensation as, without the recognition of the exacerbated bowel injury, the amount of compensation would have been significantly reduced and damages would have most likely been less than £20,000, as originally offered by the insurer. Instead my client received £105,000.

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