Compensation for worker who tripped in unsafe car park

My client was injured when she tripped on a pothole in the car park at her place of work.  The poor lighting in the area also made it hard to appreciate the presence of the tripping hazard.

The employer admitted liability early on and medical evidence was obtained. Amongst several injuries, the most significant injury suffered by my client was median nerve compression syndrome of the wrist.

An independent orthopaedic expert confirmed that a course of ultrasound treatment should be provided whilst nerve conduction studies were carried out.  Funding was obtained from the employer’s insurer to cover the cost of this treatment.

Following completion of this treatment, an updating expert report was obtained and it was confirmed that, whilst my client had suffered with wrist pain, this accident had triggered more severe symptoms and brought forward the need for surgery.

Compensation was therefore recovered to cover the cost of private wrist surgery and the extra years of suffering that my client would suffer from as a result of this accident accelerating the onset of her more severe symptoms.

Loss of earnings were also recovered in full and, with the benefit of prompt and private medical investigations and treatment (all funded by the insurer), my client’s recovery period has been reduced by as much as possible.

Not only are personal injury claims important in ensuring that injured victims recover compensation for their injuries but (often more significantly) they can help an injured person get quicker and more thorough medical attention and treatment aimed at reducing their recovery period getting them back to (or as close to) their pre-accident level of health as quickly as possible.

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