Injured worker receives compensation after workplace prank

My client received compensation of £4,500 for a neck injury that he suffered as a result of a workplace prank. My client’s co-worker thought it would be funny to roll a product off of a highly stacked pallet to hit our client on the head as he walked passed. The product fell from height and hit my client on the head and neck. As a result, he suffered torticollis (soft tissue injury to the neck) which kept him off work for 4 weeks and took a total of 12 months to fully resolve.

We succeeded in establishing that my client’s employer should be held vicariously liable for the reckless actions of the co-worker. The employer’s insurance company accepted this and so we then arranged for our client to be examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Following that examination and a full review of our client’s medical records, the orthopaedic surgeon reported on the injuries suffered and confirmed the recovery period. This report then enabled us to negotiate a compensation settlement with the employer’s insurance company.

My client was very happy to recover his loss of earnings alongside compensation for the pain he suffered over the 12 months following the accident. I was happy to represent this client for a second time, having previously assisted him in recovering compensation following an accident at work where he was injured as a result of being exposed to dangerous working conditions.

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