£125,000 for road accident victim

My client was injured in a tragic accident on one of our rural Suffolk roads when another driver lost control of his car and caused a head on collision.

My client suffered extensive injuries including a serious knee injury and other injuries to her chest, ankle and head.

Following a detailed assessment and report from an orthopaedic surgeon, we arranged an appointment with a consultant psychiatrist who concluded that my client had suffered post traumatic stress disorder which was having a significant impact on her everyday life. It was recommended that an extensive course of cognitive behavioural therapy by embarked upon to help with my client’s recovery.

We also ensured that the defendant’s insurer funded case management whereby a company was instructed to meet with my client, assess all of her domestic, medical and occupational needs and implement a variety of measures to assist her. These included  a personal taxi service, private gardener and cleaner, local gym membership, private medical assessments and treatment and help with purchasing a new automatic car to accommodate my client’s knee injury once she was able to drive again.

After reviewing all of the medical and expert evidence alongside all financial losses incurred and anticipated, a formal schedule of damages was prepared and submitted to the defendant’s insurer and, after negotiations, a final settlement was agreed in the sum of £150,000 together with funding for ongoing case management.

This incorporated a lump sum to reflect the loss of opportunity that my client was likely to suffer as a result of no longer being able to qualify and work as a personal trainer, something which she had been studying to do prior to this accident.


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