£7,500 recovered for injured cyclist

My client was cycling in Felixstowe, Suffolk, when he was involved in a collision with a car’s trailer. At the Garrison Lane crossroads junction, a car approaching from the other direction turned to go right ahead of my client and across his path. My client was cycling straight across the junction. Had the car not been towing a trailer, this might just about have been a safe manoeuvre but my client, who was unable to see that the car was towing a trailer until the car turned, collided into the trailer as it veered across his path.

The driver had quite simply turned and driven across my client’s path when he had insufficient time to do so. This was dangerous and it caused a collision for which his insurance company eventually accepted responsibility. The driver had originally denied any wrongdoing and so we had to obtain a statement from an independent witness to prove that the driver was at fault.

My client suffered injuries to his fingers and hands, elbows, right knee and left ankle lasting around 4 months. Compensation of £3,500 was recovered for my client’s injuries and expenses.

In addition, my client’s expensive Basso Astra bike had been badly damaged and needed replacing. After obtaining a valuation and liaising with my client’s bike insurer, a replacement was sourced at a price of just under £4,000 and this was recovered in full from the driver’s insurer.

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