Compensation for girl injured at holiday park

My client and her family had been staying at a holiday park on the Suffolk coast when she fell over a large pothole on one of the main walkways. As a result, she suffered a fractured arm along with cuts and bruises requiring hospital treatment and surgery.

The holiday park would not admit liability initially but, after further investigation and legal arguments, liability was eventually admitted for failure to take adequate measures to inspect and maintain the walkway. An orthopaedic surgeon expert examined my client and reviewed her notes and that report was then used to negotiate a settlement at just under £7,000.

Any settlement reached on behalf of a child in a personal injury claim will have to be approved by a Judge, usually at a fairly informal hearing at the child’s local county court, in this case, Ipswich County Court.  Depending on the size of the settlement, the injury compensation will either be paid out to the child’s parent on the condition that they invest it for the benefit of the child or instead be paid into court and invested on the child’s behalf for them to apply for when they turn 18, by which time the original settlement figure may have grown significantly.

The parents can always apply for the immediate payment of any losses or costs that they have already incurred as a result of the child’s injuries, such as treatment or equipment costs. If the compensation is invested through the court, the parents will also be able to apply for future payments to be made out of the fund to cover the cost of any accident related expenses to be incurred prior to the child’s 18th birthday.

I regularly act on behalf of children and their parents in recovering compensation relating to injuries caused by the negligence of others and guiding and representing them through the court approval process so do not hesitate to contact me if you think that you might need some legal assistance relating to an injury.

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