Compensation for driver injured in A12 lorry accident

My client and his wife were travelling on the A12 in Suffolk, from Ipswich towards Colchester, when their vehicle was hit by a lorry changing lanes. The lorry had been travelling in the inside lane. My client had been travelling in the outside lane and was in the process of overtaking the lorry, when the lorry driver suddenly pulled out into the outside lane without any warning.

The lorry driver had failed to check his blind spot and had failed to notice the presence of my client’s overtaking vehicle. The lorry collided into the side of my client’s vehicle causing it to narrowly avoid the central reservation before spinning back across the road and in front of the lorry and then into the verge on the other side of the road.

My client and his wife were extremely lucky to have avoided a much more serious incident as their vehicle could easily have collided with the central reservation, the lorry or other vehicles on the road whilst travelling at around 75mph.

My client suffered a whiplash injury to his neck, shoulders, back as well as injury to his left leg and was treated at the scene by paramedics and then at Ipswich Hospital.

Making the claim was not straightforward as the driver was a foreign national working for a company from non-EU country. Therefore, detailed investigations had to be undertaken to trace the relevant foreign insurance company and then their UK handling agent, in order to present the claim.

Eventually, the UK handling agent obtained instructions to deal with my client’s claim and, after GP and Orthopeadic expert evidence had been obtained, we were able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of my client.

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