Customer receives £35,000 after supermarket slip

We recently acted for a claimant who was injured as a result of slipping in an Ipswich supermarket. My client slipped on a floor that had recently been cleaned with a wet mop. My client was unaware that the floor was wet; there had been no warning that the area had recently been cleaned and there was no reason for my client to suspect that the floor would be wet and slippery.

The supermarket admitted liability for exposing the claimant to a foreseeable risk of injury. My client suffered a serious hip injury which required surgery and a lengthy stay in hospital. As a result, she was left with much more restricted mobility and had become dependent on family for extra care and assistance, having previously been very independent for her age.

An early interim payment was applied for and sent to the claimant. Expert evidence was then obtained from suitable expert witnesses; a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and an occupational therapist, with detailed reports being obtained on the claimant’s injuries and prognosis as well as her additional needs and requirements resulting from this accident.

Following negotiations, we were able to achieve a 75% improvement on the initial offer from the supermarket, with the claimant receiving a settlement sum of £35,000.

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