Shop finally compensates customer injured in slipping accident

My client had visited a local Ipswich shop to buy goods early one morning.  It had been raining and, despite wearing flat shoes, my client slipped almost as soon as she entered the shop. The tiled floor was wet and there was no matting in place at all. My client’s friend witnessed the accident and both of them could specifically confirm that there was no door mat or any matting at all inside the shop.

We presented a claim to the shop and their liability insurer denied liability on the basis that there WAS matting installed in this shop at the time of the accident. They disclosed various photographs showing what would appear to be copious amounts of matting covering around 75% of the entire floor area!  This is not the kind of matting that someone would fail to notice if they had slipped over on or near it.

We contended that these photographs did nothing more than show that matting (and lots of it) had been put down AFTER the accident and that the Claimant’s accident simply would not have occurred if such matting had been in place at the time.

The shop’s insurer refused to change its position and, as 2 years had passed since the accident, we proceeded in obtaining medical expert evidence on the Claimant’s knee injury and commenced court proceedings against the shop.

Within a couple of months of issuing the court claim, the shop’s solicitors confirmed that they would be accepting liability and, as a result, negotiations took place which concluded with a £10,000 compensation settlement being agreed.

This shows how important it is to instruct a local personal injury lawyer in cases such as this. This Ipswich shop and its insurer would simply never have paid any compensation to the Claimant without her having legal representation. With our advice and assistance in submitting legal arguments, procuring expert evidence and preparing the court pleadings, we were able to show the shop’s solicitors that the Claimant would most likely win her case if it went to trial and, because of this, a settlement was agreed.

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