Injured cyclist receives compensation after court claim

In this case, the Claimant was injured as a result of the negligence of another road-user. The accident caused the Claimant to come off of their bike and suffer serious leg and shoulder injuries.

The Defendant denied any wrongdoing and the Defendant’s insurer refused to admit liability. We produced statements from witnesses who had been at the scene at the time of the accident. Those witnesses had confirmed that the Defendant had been at fault but still the Defendant and insurer refused to admit liability.

Expert medical evidence was obtained setting out the injuries suffered by the Claimant and county court proceedings were then issued and served on the Defendant.

Two years on from the accident and part way through the litigation process, the Defendant’s solicitor quite suddenly submitted an offer to the Claimant. The offer effectively covered nearly all of the losses and compensation being claimed by the Claimant and so a settlement was reached shortly thereafter. NOTE: neither the Defendant or their representatives ever provided an open admission of liability!

Cases like this show just how unreasonable defendants and their insurers can be. Even in cases where most (and sometimes all) of the evidence shows that the defendant was at fault, insurers will often seek to avoid liability and avoid having to pay compensation to the injured victim. Without legal representation, claims like this often fall by the wayside and some insurers will routinely deny liability on claims just to weed out those claimants who do not have the knowledge and legal representation to see the claim through to a successful conclusion.  If they do this on claims where solicitors are representing the claimant, imagine what they are like with those who do not instruct lawyers!

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