£25,000 for driver badly injured in A12 accident

This case involved a serious incident in which my client’s vehicle was hit whilst stationary in traffic on the A12. The defendant had failed to heed the traffic ahead and failed to slow down, causing them to collide at speed into my client’s vehicle.

As my client sought early legal advice, we were able to ensure that the defendant’s insurer funded private rehabilitation for the claimant. However, due to the severity of the impact, that treatment only helped reduce the claimant’s symptoms.  After obtaining medical expert evidence, it was confirmed that the claimant’s reduced symptoms were likely to be permanent and that he would need to continue with pain medication and physiotherapy in order to manage that pain going forwards.

Fortunately, the claimant did not suffer any loss of earnings and, following negotiations with the defendant’s insurer, we were able to recover £25,000 for the claimant’s pain and suffering and financial losses. Through those negotiations, we were able to achieve an increase of 30% on the defendant’s original offer of compensation in order to ensure that the claimant received fair compensation for his losses and suffering.

If you are injured in an accident caused by someone else, do ensure that you consult with a solicitor as early as possible. Whilst it may not be a priority for you at that time, a solicitor will be happy to have a free initial discussion to determine whether you have a potential claim and early action gives the solicitor the best possible chance of preserving or obtaining early evidence which could be crucial in your case. They will also be able to assist with securing funding for medical treatment and, the earlier that assistance is provided, the greater the effects and benefits of treatment tend to be.

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