Widow recovers compensation after fatal car crash

My client’s spouse was tragically killed in a car accident which was caused by another driver who lost control of his vehicle when not paying proper attention to the road.

No amount of compensation was ever going to make up for my client’s loss but we needed to ensure that she received full compensation to reflect all of her losses.

As a result of this accident, my client felt as if she had lost everything and, on a financial level, she had lost the benefit and support of her husband’s salary.

My client’s husband had been relatively young and would have continued supporting her for many years if this accident had not occurred.

Therefore, it was important that a very detailed assessment was performed of each spouse’s earnings and of each spouse’s role at home/domestic support. In addition, a detailed assessment of each spouse’s pension arrangements had to be performed with input from forensic accountants.

As a result of these assessments, calculations could be made as to my client’s loss of dependency, i.e. the loss that she would suffer over the rest of her life as a result of no longer having the financial and domestic support of her husband.  We could also calculate my client’s likely loss of pension by assessing what pension capital and income she would have benefitted from had her husband lived beyond his expected retirement age.

A full and detailed schedule was prepared setting out those losses along with other financial expenses relating to her husband’s death, including bereavement damages. Following negotiations with the defendant driver’s insurer, a settlement was finally agreed.

The final settlement figure was over double the amount of the insurer’s first offer!

This compensation will only go some way to helping my client in trying to move on from this ordeal but, by having a local lawyer provide free home visits early on and then instructing them to provide representation, I would hope that my client would agree that everything was done to ensure that full and fair compensation was recovered in a timely manner, with the process being made as stress-free as possible in the circumstances.

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