Accidents in Public Places

When using or visiting a public place such as a shop, restaurant, park or other facility, you are owed a legal duty of care by the organisation or person that owns or controls that facility. That duty requires the owner (or ‘occupier’ for legal purposes) to take all measures as are reasonable in the circumstances to keep you safe when using or visiting their premises.

Many people in and around Ipswich, Suffolk, are injured due to hazards and defects that exist in public places such as this that should not be there. A reasonable system of inspection and maintenance by all occupiers of premises should ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to keep visitors safe. Those systems will vary depending on the type of premises concerned. For example, a restaurant or shop will need to train all staff on checking for spillages throughout the day as well as implementing a regular routine of cleaning the floor throughout the day. However, a council will have to implement a system of regularly checking and maintaining all play equipment provided in a local park to keep children safe.